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Tag: sensu

Homelab observability with InfluxDB, Sensu and Proxmox

For a while now I’ve been looking to implement some kind of observability platform. I’ve been using a combination of Loki and Grafana for a while now, so utilising Grafana is preferred. Some of the goals for this project were: ingest data from proxmox get data from guest VMs create a dashboard that shows overall performance that can be drilled down After some investigation into some tools, I’ve landed on using:

Monitoring infrastructure with Sensu Go

In my last post I mentioned I wanted to add some better monitoring into my lab. I’ve been using monit for a while but was getting annoyed by constant alerts. I remember hearing of “fatigue filters” in Sensu so I wanted to give it a go. Sensu allows you to define everything in yaml or json, this is ideal given I want to put everything in version control and deploy everything using CI/CD.